One Day Workshop


Proposals for:



Mini-Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems

Guidelines & Approval



9:30 am

17th October 2002



Holiday Inn

Castle Street




MCA   Seafish UKHO



Electronic Chart Display and Information (ECDIS)

Standards for approval of navigation equipment on larger ocean-going SOLAS vessels can be inappropriate for leisure, workboat, fishing and river vessels. In particular, it has been suggested that the ECDIS specification is not suitable for implementation on smaller vessels because of its over-prescriptive requirements of large screen size and other input / output characteristics.

Electronic Chart Systems (ECS)

Since a standard ECDIS may not suited for use on these smaller vessels, Electronic Chart Systems have been developed - also known as electronic chart plotters. These systems are not approved for navigation and yet are in regular use. Although operators can satisfy the carriage requirements of SOLAS Chapter V by carring a set of paper charts, day to day navigation is frequently carried out using the on-board unapproved ECS.

Safety Issues

This situation is clearly undesirable in terms of safety of navigation at sea. In many cases users do not regularly purchase chart updates for their ECS. Also, the operation of ECS, and its display symbology are not standardised, making it difficult for an operator to migrate from one ECS to another.

Aims & Objectives

Our aim is to improve navigational and operational safety. To this end, we wish to encourage the use of approved electronic navigational equipment. Our immediate objective is to develop a set of guidelines which can form the basis for approval of a Mini-ECDIS, which will operate using ENC's only, and which will be primarily designed for use on fishing vessels and workboats.

Working Together

This project is funded by the UK Treasury via the Invest to Save Budget (ISB) under the project name "Electronic Charting for Fishermen". It is a collaborative project between the Sea Fish Industry Authority, The Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.





Coffee & Biscuits Available


Welcoming Address

John Tumilty

Technical Director

Sea Fish Industry Authority


Introduction to Mini-ECDIS

Colin Warwick

Chairman of Working Group.



Dr Steve Taylor

Marine IT Consultant


MCA View

Captain Ken Gordon

Nautical Surveyor

Hydrography and Meterology

Maritime and Coastguard Agency



UKHO S57 Vector Charts

John Pepper

Commercial Development Manager

United Kingdom Hydrographic Office UKHO


Expression of Support

UK Marine Insurance Industry


Buffet Lunch




Chaired by Colin Warwick

    1. Standards for Electronic Charting and Navigation
    2. Specification of Function & User Interface
    3. Display Symbology and Chart Appearance
    4. ENC's Compatibility and SENC distribution format
    5. Approval mechanisms


The Way Ahead - Next Step

A Review and Summary

Chairman / John Tumilty


Workshop Ends



Further details are available from:

Kingfisher Information Services

Sea Fish Industry Authority

St. Andrew’s Dock

Hull HU3 4QE

United Kingdom

Tel: 01482 327837



A brief demonstration of facilities at Kingfisher Information Services will be available to delegates immediately following this workshop, as requested.